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General Contracting
CNCS is an experienced general contractor with a nationwide qualified subcontractor database. Our construction project managers, quality control managers, and safety managers are skilled professionals experienced in the management of projects of all sizes.
Construction Management
CNCS provides overall planning, coordination, and control of each project from inception to completion in order to meet client requirements and to produce a functionally and financially viable project.
CNCS has strong, established relationships with architectural and engineering firms across the country. Our design-build projects are successful due to our coordination and communication.
CNCS construction professionals review all relevant plans, specifications, and documentation to ensure a solid start to every project, including establishment of goals, scope, schedule, and cost.
Environmental Services
Our team employs experts to provide a wide range of comprehensive environmental solutions, including site assessments to establish environmental assets and liabilities. Our team also helps to provide a thorough understanding of all relevant state and federal regulations.
Effective Budgeting
CNCS establishes an effective, transparent financial plan to ensure each project is completed smoothly and within budget.
CNCS’s in-house Scheduler ensures effective allocation of labor and resources to establish realistic project goals that lead to timely completion, and ultimately, cost-savings to the customer.
Constructability Analysis
Our team is skilled in the comparison of project objectives and specifications to available resources, skills, methods, and other external factors in order to ensure timely and efficient execution.
Site Safety & Health
All project activities adhere to a comprehensive Safety and Health program that meets OSHA and USACE standards (EM-385-1-1). Our commitment to Safety and Health is demonstrated by our lack of any work-related injuries or accidents on our job sites, based on the US Department of Labor, OSHA annual safety log reporting.
Report Development
Our team of experts has extensive experience organizing project records and data into comprehensive and understandable documentation.
Quality Control/Quality Assurance
The CNCS quality management team is made up of experienced quality professionals who closely analyze construction plans, drawings, and specifications to ensure compliance and to provide an exceptional end product.

As a full-service general contractor, CNCS provides responsive vertical  and horizontal construction services that meet your needs - on time and on budget.